Glorious Gliding in West Sussex

Enjoy gliding in West Sussex at the South Downs Gliding Club in Cootham.

gliding cootham sussex

Gliding locally dates back to 1909, when 16 year old Gordon England flew from nearby Amberley Mount.

Southdown Gliding Club started in 1930, so is one of the oldest in the UK. It is also one of the largest and best equipped voluntary clubs.

The club is closely affiliated to the British Gliding Association, which controls all aspects of the sport. Their location allows them to soar on the up-draughts from the Downs and ride the sea-breeze fronts.

There are 3 modern two seat training gliders, 3 single seat gliders, and a motor glider, along with tug aircraft for aero tows.

Members keep over 40 privately owned gliders at the airfield. While many members enjoy local flying, some regularly make cross-country flights of 300km or more. 

Gliding in West Sussex: Courses

Courses on all aspects of gliding take place throughout the year. Lessons are usually available all year round on a Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

First Lesson

After a ground briefing you are first aero-towed to 2,500 feet. Next the instructor explains the action of the controls and guides you through some simple manoeuvres for a flight lasting approximately 20 – 30 minutes. You will receive a signed certificate to commemorate your flight!

More details about the Southdown Gliding Club

If you would like to stay locally why not spend a few days at Rosebud Cottage in Steyning … a 20 minute drive from Cootham.


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