Visit Worthing pier!

worthing pier at sunst

Generations of holidaymakers and local residents have enjoyed visiting Worthing Pier. British seaside piers date from the early 1800’s. Worthing’s was the thirteenth to be built in England at a cost of £6,500. The first pile was driven into the seabed on 4 July 1861. Designed by Sir Robert Rawlinson, it was officially opened on 12 April 1862.

Worthing Pier today

The Pier still continues to bring enjoyment to visitors and residents. The Pavilion Theatre sits at the northern end and the southern end pavilion has recently been totally renovated and returned to its former glory as a cafe & venue (having been a night club for several years). An amusement arcade is in the middle. It is a regular attraction for people to take a stroll along the deck and for fishing.

Admission is free!

Worthing is 6 miles from Steyning & 10 miles from Brighton.



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