Where you fly a glider over the South Downs?

Where you fly a glider over the South Downs?

The South Downs Gliding Club in Cootham

Flying a glider over the Downs is becoming increasingly popular

Gliding lessons can be taken in Cootham, Sussex all year round on a Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

The First Lesson

After a ground briefing you will be aero-towed to 2,500 feet, then the instructor will explain the action of the controls and guide you through some simple manoeuvres for a flight lasting approximately 20 – 30 minutes. You will receive a signed certificate to commemorate your flight!

More details about the Southdown Gliding Club

If you would like to stay locally why not spend a few days at Rosebud Cottage in Steyning … a 20 minute drive from Cootham.



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