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Lancing’s Widewater Lagoon

Lancing’s Widewater Lagoon is beside a coastal path that stretches between Lancing and Shoreham Beach. It is about 6 miles from Steyning – a 15 or 20 minute drive.  There’s a convenient car park on the Beach Green in Lancing.

You can have a pleasant stroll and enjoy both the coast and this beautiful, coastal nature reserve.

As the seasons change throughout the year, you can find a rich diversity of birds that rest, migrate and reside here. Watch the Little Egret wading through the shallow waters with its elegant, crested plumage. Listen to the cry of the Oyster Catcher or just sit and watch the swans, as they glide by.

Widewater Lagoon Lancing SussexAll around the banks of this saline lagoon, enjoy the colourful plants and flowers that thrive in shingle and coastal grassland. You may see rabbits running free from the banked bracken and bats flying silently after the sun sets.

History of the Area

During medieval times Lancing’s Widewater Lagoon was a part of an area of salt marshes, creeks and and sea inlets to the east and west of the mouth of the River Adur.

The villages of Lancing and Sompting were on high ground well to the north. The small port of Pende stood west of Shoreham but disappeared beneath the sea many years ago.  Lancing’s Penhill Road  – Pende Hill – and the Shopsdam indicate that the port was close by.

Interesting for me as I lived in Penhill Road for some years myself!

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