The Cottage Garden

The garden is truly a delight .. whatever the time of year. In the warmer months you will be able to sit outside and relax … perhaps with a glass of wine?

Listen to the mill stream!

Take a seat on one of the benches and you will hear the bubbling mill stream, which runs just behind the back garden. 

back garden cottage steyning sussex
Back garden in first year!

The Sunny Front Garden

Sit out in front of the cottage and you could meet some of the neighbours. Local people are friendly and ready to say ‘hello’.

Colour throughout the year!

Whenever you visit you can enjoy plants in flower, with some unusual varieties.  Scented plants will greet you .. even in the winter months.

From spring onwards you should be able to watch the bees and butterflies – especially in sunny weather! 

Photos month by month

February: Crocus tommasinianusFeb garden holiday cottage steyning sussex

March: Narcissus Rip van Winklemarch-holiday-cottage-garden-steyning

April: Tulip timeapril-garden-steyning-sussex

May: Peoniesmay-flowers-holiday-cottage-steyning

June: Penstemon Raven and Lychnis Coronariajune-garden-holiday-cottage-steyning

July: Clematis


August: Erigeron Karvinskianusaug-cottage-garden-steyning

September: Verbena Bonariensisverbena steyning cottage sussex

A quirky feature of the cottages is the right of way running behind them – typical of the mid 1800’s. It is rarely used, apart from by the postman – letter boxes are in the back doors!

If you are a plant lover you will find many gardens open to the public that you can visit.

Highdown Gardens