Chinese Tree Peonies in Sussex


Chinese Tree Peonies in Sussex

Chinese Tree Peonies grow well in Sussex. They are ancient plants which were revered by Japanese emperors 1000 years ago.

They flower from early April until late May …..The papery flamboyant blooms and interesting foliage gives the impression that the plants are delicate but they are not!

This one is called Paeonia suffruticosa. It is also known as Chinese Tree Peony or Moutan peony.

You can see it in the side border at Rosebud Holiday Cottage. Read more about The Cottage Garden

You can also find them growing in the gardens at Highdown near Worthing. The gardens are usually  open all year but are due to be closed for refurbishment in 2020. Admission is free.

Highdown is within easy reach of Steyning. Details at

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