Wine Tours on Wiston Estate

Wine Tours on the Wiston Estate

Wine tours on the Wiston Estate take place regularly during the summer months and in early Autumn. The vineyard is just a short drive from Rosebud Cottage

Wiston wine tours Steyning Sussex

The vineyard at Wiston is one of hundreds of commercial vineyards in England. Many of these are in the South East. The chalk soil similar to that of the Champagne region of France, warm dry climate and south facing slopes near the coast are ideal for producing quality still and sparkling wines.

The Wiston estate has produced quality English sparkling wines from the beginning, with the first vineyards only planted in 2006. A collaboration between the Goring family and one of England’s top winemakers Dermot Sugrue, has seen Wiston become both a marker for quality and also one of the most significant contract winemaking hubs in the country.

The current cost (2019) is £20 per person. Find out when the tours are and book!

The Wiston Vineyard is the closest to Rosebud Cottage but I thoroughly recommend a visit to  Nutbourne Vineyard near Pulborough. I have also visited Upperton Vineyard in West Sussex. Both offer tours and you can sample the wine.

Find out about Stopham Vineyard too!


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